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Student registration

It is the responsibility of your students to register as an ACA student with us. They should only do this once you have performed any necessary employment checks and instructed your student to register. Please ensure your student registers at the start of their training and well in advance of any exam entry deadlines.

Minimum entry requirements

You must ensure that your students hold the required qualifications and/or minimum entry requirements to undertake ACA training. This should be done before student registration.

Ways to register

Online registration

Students can register online, they just need to follow the steps on screen. They will need your training office number to complete registration. This number is on your authorisation certificate. If you are unable to locate the number, email training@icaew.com or call us on +44 (0)1908 248 038.

Registering a student who is already part-way through training

If you have a student who joins your organisation part-way through their ACA training from another organisation, you are required to re-register this student and their training agreement.

Please do not take any action which may be construed by students or other authorised employers/principals as encouragement to renege on their existing contractual or employment obligations.

You will need to ensure that you have confirmation from the previous employer that the training agreement will be cancelled promptly and that the student is fit and proper to continue their ACA training. We also advise that you request for all relevant training records for that student to be fully signed off before the student leaves the current employer.

Please be aware that students may have passed all ACA exams but are still within a training agreement period.

To re-register a student once they are in your employment you will need to complete and submit the re-registration form.

Student registration fees

An ACA student is required to pay an annual fee to us so they can continue their studies and training. As the employer or principal, you can decide who pays your students’ annual registration fee. Please note that invoices are issued in December each year. 


If you are contributing to your students’ ACA costs, we will provide you with details of all your students training with you each year. Invoices will be sent to the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) or the authorised training principal in December each year, unless we are notified otherwise. Please email studentsupport@icaew.com to nominate an alternative contact or call +44(0)1908 248 250.