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Some frequently asked questions about ICAEW's International Standards on Audit (ISA) programme.
  • Are credits awarded for prior learning?

    There are no pre-requisites and no prior learning credits available for the ICAEW ISAs programme.

  • Are there any entry requirements to study the programme?

    No. There are no entry requirements for the programme.

  • Can I study the programme if I am based outside of the UK?

    Yes - the programme is jurisdiction neutral which means that the learning content is not specific to any country. Some countries have created their own nationally-modified versions of ISAs. These are not specifically covered in the programme.

  • Do I qualify for a discount?

    ICAEW members are eligible for a 20% discount. To activate this discount, please enter your ICAEW member number when ordering. Discounts are also available for multiple purchases. Please visit Course Merchant to purchase the programme.

  • How can I order the programme?

    You can order the programme online at Course Merchant

  • How can I practice for the assessment?

    After each learning module you can undertake a module test, this will help you prepare for the final assessment.

  • How do I access the assessment?

    The assessment is located within the interactive online learning environment. It is available using any computer with internet access, so it can be taken anytime, anywhere.

  • How do I access the online learning materials and assessment?

    Full instructions and your unique access code will be emailed to you once you have placed your order.

  • How long is the assessment?

    You will have 100 minutes to complete the assessment.

  • How long will it take me to complete the programme?

    On average, we recommend 40 to 50 hours study time for the ICAEW ISAs programme. Study time may vary depending on your level of prior knowledge and experience. You will have 12 months to complete the online learning and assessment programme from the date of registration.

  • How much does the programme cost?

    The price of the ICAEW ISAs programme is £399 + VAT (where applicable).

    You will receive:

    • Online learning programme - you will receive unlimited access to the programme for 12 months.
    • An assessment - you can attempt the assessment as many times as required during a 12 month period.
    • Certificate of achievement - on successful completion, you can download and print off your certificate of achievement.
  • Is each assessment different?

    Yes. The assessments use a bank of several hundred questions which are selected at random in relation to the standards.

  • Is there a formal certificate or certificate of completion?

    Yes. When you pass the online assessment, you can download and print your certificate immediately; this demonstrates successful completion of the programme.

  • What does the programme cover?

    The programme uses real life examples to enhance your understanding of ISAs including any new or amended ISAs that have become effective.

    The areas covered are:

    • The regulatory, ethical and professional issues for auditors when accepting and managing engagements.
    • How auditors plan and decide on their approach for audit engagements.
    • How auditors perform their audit procedures in accordance with ISAs.
    • How auditors evaluate and conclude their findings in accordance with ISAs.
    • How auditors draft their audit report to reflect their conclusions, including any necessary modifications to the audit report, and any other reporting to those charged with governance.
  • What is the pass mark?

    The pass mark is 60%.

  • What system requirements will I need to access the programme?

    The minimum system requirements to run the programme are:

    • Windows 7 operating system
    • IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11 or the latest versions of Firefox/Chrome
    • Processor: 1.4 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
    • Memory (RAM) 2GB or higher
    • 25% Free Hard Disk Space
    • Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher
    • Flash player: Version 11.2 or higher
    • Adobe Reader: Version 7 or higher
  • What type of questions will I be asked?

    The assessment will consist of 50 multiple-choice style questions.

  • When will I receive my results?

    Once you submit your answers, your assessment result will appear immediately.

  • Who is the programme designed for?

    The programme is suitable for anyone who needs to have an up-to-date understanding of the key principles of current ISAs. It is relevant to ICAEW members and non-members worldwide including finance professionals, junior audit staff, university lecturers, and audit committee members.

    The programme will not give comprehensive guidance on how to perform a fully ISA compliant audit, but will provide an up-to-date understanding of the key principles of  ISAs that are currently effective. Go to ICAEW's page on gaining audit rights for details on how to become a registered auditor with ICAEW.

  • Why should I use the ICAEW ISAs programme when I can just read the revised standards on the IFAC website?

    The online learning programme is very user-friendly with lots of practical and real-life examples to help illustrate the theory. The programme takes the ‘auditor speak’ out of the standards and explains them in a general business language.

  • Will I become a registered auditor with ICAEW when I pass the assessment?

    No. Whilst the learning and assessment programme will give you a good understanding of the principles of the clarified ISAs, it is not sufficient on its own to give the requisite knowledge and experience to perform an ISA compliant statutory audit.

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