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Digital disruption virtual conference

On 15 May 2018 ICAEW hosted an immersive virtual conference bringing together the leading subject matter experts, solution providers and finance professionals from around the world to shine a light on the issues around digital disruption. Here you can access the webinars from the conference that will provide answers to many practical questions including:

  • Which are the key technology trends I need to watch out for?
  • How will Blockchain impact the profession?
  • What is required of a digital leader?
  • How will data analytics enable me to add more value?
  • Where does AI fit in and will it deliver on expectations?
  • How do I keep my data secure?

Plenary sessions:

Title  Speaker  Overview 
The future of work and the accounting profession Dr Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford University Hear from one of the global experts on the profound impact of digital disruption to jobs and the future of work. Digital transformation: mega trends in the accountancy profession.
Digital transformation: mega trends in the accountancy profession
Bernard Marr
An overview to open your eyes to the scale of the change that big data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will bring as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with it.  Bernard Marr is an internationally best-selling business author, keynote speaker and strategic advisor to companies and governments. He is one of the world's most highly respected experts when it comes to business performance, digital transformation and the intelligent use of data in business. LinkedIn has recently ranked Bernard as one of the top 10 Business Influencers in the world (in fact, No 5 - just behind Bill Gates and Richard Branson).
Digital disruption: becoming a transformational leader

Webinar slides
Gordon Barker

Technological and societal developments will lead to profound changes in how businesses run and operate in the future, both on a strategic and operational level. With current levels of uncertainty and disruption the traditional approaches to leading change will no longer deliver results. This session will look at the leadership culture and behaviours required of finance leaders to lead digital transformation and deliver on expectations.

Gordon is a highly experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Management Consultant with significant global business transformation experience working for/with blue chip and major high tech organisations.

Webinars for business:

Title  Speaker  Overview 
Visualising finance transformation in a digital world
Tim Leung, Consultant, Deloitte
What will a future finance function in a digital world actually look like? In this overview session you will learn through real life cases how big data analytics will help finance move up the value chain to drive business decisions;  and how robotics and AI will drive efficiency through end to end automation of processes. Tim is a management consultant with Deloitte leading on blue chip engagements on digital transformation of the finance function.
Support and challenge - strategic business partnering

Webinar slides
Tim Orme (Academy trainer)
Digital transformation is accelerating the need for finance to move up the value chain to become an integral part of the decision making process providing commercial expertise and strategic perspective. In this session we will explore the key kills that finance needs to develop to become a strategic business partner. Tim is a leading trainer with the ICAEW’s Academy of Professional Development specialising in business partnering.  He is also a programme director at the London Business School and previously a director of people and change at PwC.
Implementing robotics: realising the potential for automation
David Wright, Consultant, Deloitte
There are now a growing number of finance functions using process robotics and automation to automate accounting routines. David explores a number of case studies of how this is being done and lessons learnt.
Introduction to AI and impact on the finance function Shamus Rae, Partner, Head of Digital Disruption, KPMG UK
In this session you will learn how Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a key component of automation in finance. Shamus leads on Intelligent Automation for KPMG both transforming the firm's services but also taking this experience into the market place to help clients embrace this new and disruptive technology. Shamus has led several client projects focusing on artificial intelligence strategy and implementation. 
Analytics: moving up the value chain Carys Davies, Data Analytics & Assurance, PwC In this session we explore how finance professionals can use data analytics to discover opportunities, manage risk, reduce fraud and give customers what they want.
Blockchain - a game changer in Accounting?
Ben Taylor, Partner, IT Advisory, EY 

Ask yourself: how will my business make money in a market where all transactions are transparent, secure and validated, industrial assets are shared among market participants, customers have even more information than they do today and regulatory compliance and tax collection occur in real time, at the moment transactions take place?

In this session you will learn from a global expert how Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline and accelerate business processes, increase cyber security and reduce or eliminate the roles of trusted intermediaries in industry after industry.

Cyber security - data governance and risk

Webinar slides
Jamie Randall, CTO, IASME
  • What is it and why important now 
  • Especially new technologies – data, IoT, AI
  • Steps to good cyber hygiene
  • Includes detection, response and resilience as well as protection
  • Top tips/5 things to do
  • The importance of standards

Webinars for practice:

Title  Speaker  Overview 
The virtual FD: your firm's journey to business growth
Peter Taffe, BWMacfarlane
Advances in technology have made the concept of a ‘Virtual Finance Director (FD)’ a practical reality. And this means we’re seeing an increasing number of firms offering higher value-add services to their clients. We’re talking about going beyond basic bookkeeping and compliance, and into the realm of in-depth financial insight, deep analysis of data and becoming a true business consultant. This is a big shift for many accountancy firms. And it’s a shift which requires a change in both your business model and your cultural mindset. In this session you will learn from a managing partner who successfully led the transformation and growth of his by leveraging technology to offer profitable advisory services.  
AI for accountants: Technology for the future of your practice Nuno Godinho, Executive VP of product delivery, SAGE
The concept of a virtual FD (see above) and the developments in software and communications and other technologies that enable accountants and business to operate in this way.
The skills of the rounded business adviser
Paul Richmond, Managing Director, the Grogroup
As compliance services are driven further down the value chain, well-rounded  business advice will be the key differentiator between successful and less successful practices. Furthermore, analytics bring new opportunities to bring valuable business insight to advise clients. In this session you will learn the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that make a strong all-round advisor including building trust and having wider client business conversations.
Adopting the Cloud: considerations for your business
Ben Fry, Expert Thinking

Moving to The Cloud has the potential to transform your business and significantly enhance your value proposition. But to make the most of it you need to understand some key issues prior to implementation including:

  • Introduction to various flavours of cloud
  • Explanation of the business benefit
  • Common objections and obstacles (impacting buy-in, use, etc.)
  • Common pitfalls with implementation
  • Assuring a successful (what you should look for when planning your) journey to the cloud
Analytics and adding value to your client
Mark Edmondson, CEO at Inflo software

Compliance work is often the corner stone of many practices.  But how do you transform your compliance services from being a regulatory requirement to being a valuable partnership between you and your clients?

In this session you will learn how analytics adds value to typical compliance services such as audit, and how you can use analytics to provide advisory services. The webinar will also explore challenges and tips for a firm to consider when looking to implement analytics into their client service. 

How technology is enhancing audit quality
Nick Frost KPMG – Audit Technology Lead Partner 

Advances in technology and an explosion of data have changed the game. Organisations and investors now have access to a breadth and depth of information that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

In this session you will explore the latest innovations in audit technology, harnessing data to unlock more value from the audit process. You will learn how technology can help raise the bar on audit quality by analysing greater quantities of data and digging deeper to provide a more robust audit opinion and actionable insights.

Cyber security - Securing your data and enabling clients to secure theirs
George Quigley, cyber security expert For practitioners, a look at how they can keep their own data secure, plus what advice and services they could offer to their clients to help them keep their data secure.
Digital accounting systems: an overview and roadmap for adoption Matt Flanagan, Managing Director, Bluehub This webinar covers the types of add-ons and applications in the cloud account ecosystem, process for applications with clients and top tips for the journey with technology.