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Exam results

Guidance on how to receive your results, certificates and the process for re-sitting an exam.

Getting your results

You can access your results 24 hours after your exam via your online training file and selecting the 'Examinations' tab. Here you can email your results to your family, friends and employer or you can download your results as a PDF.

Receiving your certificates

For each exam you pass, we will send you a certificate of achievement. This demonstrates the new skills you have acquired. Once you have passed or received credit for prior learning for all six exams you will receive the ICAEW CFAB qualification certificate. 

Certificates are posted every four weeks, so you will receive your certificate within four to six weeks of your exam date. Please note that if you have a PO box number within your address or your address is incomplete, we’re unable to send your certificates in the post. Please ensure that your contact details are always kept up to date so you don’t miss out. You can update your contact details via your online training file.

Although completing the ICAEW CFAB qualification does not entitle you to use any designatory letters after your name or refer to yourself as a member of ICAEW, it does formally demonstrate that you have a firm foundation in finance, accounting and business. It also opens doors to study the ICAEW Business Finance Professional qualification (BFP), or the ACA qualification. You can discover what’s next after you complete the qualification here

Re-sitting an exam

If you fail an exam, you can access your marks feedback via your online training file. Once logged in, go to the examinations tab and you see a ‘details’ link within the ‘Feedback’ column. The feedback will show you the percentage of questions that you scored correctly within each syllabus area and will give you an indication of the area(s) where further revision or tuition may be required before you next attempt the exam. 

When you are ready to book your resit, you will need to book it via your online training file. Be sure to speak with your tuition provider and employer before booking any resits and view the variety of exam resources on offer.

Don’t forget you have a maximum of four attempts at each exam.