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Accountancy Ancestors: The Institute Newsletter and Information Bulletin

Information on the obituaries, biographical profiles, illustrations and portraits from the Institute Newsletter and Information Bulletin that are indexed in the Accountancy Ancestors database.

The Institute Newsletter and its successor, the Information Bulletin, provided a regular series of updates about developments at ICAEW. Together, the titles ran from 1964 to 1987.


The Institute Newsletter was an initiative of the Public Relations Committee of the ICAEW Council that set out to improve communications between ICAEW and its members.

History of the journal

This informal quarterly newsletter was first published in January 1964 with a remit to provide more information on the current activities of the Council and its committees. At first it was included as an integral section within Accountancy magazine but from October 1966 it was issued as a separate publication and sent to all ICAEW members free of charge.

In May 1977 the ICAEW Council announced that ‘from that date every member will be presumed to be aware of any essential reading and official material which is regularly published in Accountancy.’ The role of the newsletter was reduced to the provision of an index to official material published in Accountancy. The last issue to be published under the title ‘Institute Newsletter’ appeared in May 1978 (no. 57).

In July 1978 the Institute Newsletter was succeeded by the Information Bulletin which was largely made up of the index to official material and advertising. Initially, the bulletin contained very little in the way of articles, but in later years the bulletin once again provided space for more news from ICAEW.

Finally, in 1987, the decision was taken to merge the Information Bulletin with Accountancy magazine to provide a more effective way of communicating with members. The last issue to be published appeared in October 1987 (no. 30).

Library holdings

The ICAEW Library & Information Service holds a complete run of The Institute Newsletter and Information Bulletin.

Accountancy Ancestors


1964-1987 (all issues indexed)

Obituaries and biographical profiles index

35 obituaries and biographical profiles are listed in the obituaries/biographical profiles index from this journal.

Portaits index

67 portraits are listed in the portraits index from this journal. This includes details of named individuals in event photographs.

Illustrations index

39 illustrations are listed in the illustrations index from this journal ranging from images of the construction work at Chartered Accountants’ Hall to the visit of the Queen Mother in 1970.

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Accountancy Ancestors

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