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eBooks on business ethics

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A to Z of corporate social responsibility (2nd edition)

An easy-to-use guide to the rapidly expanding field of corporate social responsibility.

Business ethics and values

Introduces students to the complexities and principles of ethical issues.

Business ethics: a case study approach

Explores issues relating to ethics and ethical behavior in organisations

Business ethics: the ethical revolution of minority shareholders

Looks at why and how companies do not act ethically towards their minority shareholders.

Creating and implementing an ethics policy

A framework for writing and implementing the best corporate ethics policy for an organisation.

Doing business with China: avoiding the pitfalls

A guide to working with and within China.

Encyclopedia of ethics

Guide to ethical theory as pursued by English-speaking philosophers, with 581 peer-reviewed entries. Includes conceptual definitions relevant to business ethics.

Enron and world finance: a case study in ethics

An analysis of the Enron case from the point of view of corporate practice and ethics.

Essentials of business ethics: creating an organisation of high integrity and superior performance

A practical guide to managing ethics in organisations.

ICCA handbook of corporate social responsibility, The

Best practice guide to CSR for large companies.

Managing for ethical-organizational integrity: principles and processes for promoting good, right, and virtuous conduct

Eethical-organisational integrity for students and business managers.

Managing international business in relation-based versus rule-based countries

An analysis of the relationship between markets and national business cultures.

QFinance: the ultimate resource

Essays and practical guides for the finance industry.

Responsible leadership

An introduction to business ethics.

Sustainable investing: the art of long-term performance

This book charts how sustainable investing has involved, what impact it has today, and what prospects are emerging for the years ahead.

Young professional's survival guide, The

A guide for young professionals entering the world of work on professional ethics. Guidance on ethical dilemmas in the workplace

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