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Accounting for value

Accounting for Value aims to teach investors and analysts how to handle accounting in evaluating equity investments.

Basic economics: a common sense guide to the economy

An introduction to economics for the general public and students.

Designing the networked organisation

A proposal for a new model of business organisation based on networks rather than hierarchies.

Dictionary of trade policy terms

Dictionary of terms, expressions and events in the history of international trade agreements.

Economics book, The: big ideas simply explained

Reference work for anyone with an interest in economics and economic theory. Uses easy to follow graphics and accessible writing stile to make economic easy to understand.

Emerging trends, threats and opportunities in international marketing: what executives need to know

A book on the recent changes in international marketing and their implications for business leaders.

Encyclopedia of ethics

Guide to ethical theory as pursued by English-speaking philosophers, with 581 peer-reviewed entries. Includes conceptual definitions relevant to business ethics.

Financial Times guide to foreign exchange trading

An introduction to the foreign exchange marketplace, showing how the markets work, how to trade them successfully and how to mitigate risk.

Financial regulation in the EU: from resilience to growth

This publication looks to provide a bigger picture view of the impact and future of financial regulation in the EU, exploring the relationship between microeconomic incentives and macroeconomic growth, regulation and financial integration, and the changes required in economic policy to further European integration.

Foreign exchange: a practical guide to the FX markets

A theoretical and practical guide to FOREX markets.

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