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Accounting and business valuation methods: how to interpret IFRS accounts

A detailed guide to the different methods of ascertaining the value of a business.

Accounting control best practices

How to develop a comprehensive system of accounting and operational controls.

Accounting for goodwill and other intangible assets

This title looks at the treatment of goodwill and other intangibles under IFRS and US GAAP and explains common practice in valuing these assets.

Accounting for value

Accounting for Value aims to teach investors and analysts how to handle accounting in evaluating equity investments.

Accounts receivable management best practices

Guide to managing accounts receivable, with practical techniques to drive improvement.

BVB insights: data and analysis on UK private company multiples

Independent analysts, from BVB Ltd, have collated and interpreted transactions data involving private companies. The result is an in-depth overview of transaction multiples paid for UK private companies for the year ended December 2019 (previous edition are also available).

Business accounting UK GAAP: volume 1

Accounting textbook for students, specifically for users of UK GAAP practice and terminology. Part 1 of a 2-part set.

Commercial property valuation: methods and case studies

A practical guide to the best approaches for commercial real estate value assessment, covering all key elements of commercial property valuation, including valuation queries, real estate report structure, market analysis, capitalization and discount rates estimation.

Company valuation under IFRS

A guide to interpreting and forecasting accounts using International Financial Reporting Standards.

Complete CFO handbook: from accounting to accountability, The

An overview of cost accounting for financial executives.

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