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Export to the world

A world of opportunity is waiting for UK businesses in the global marketplace but at first it can seem a daunting prospect to make the switch from servicing local markets to exporting your goods to another country. The UK Government has recognised this and created a package of support material and information to help companies take the first steps.

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Get it right and the rewards can be huge

Exporting has shown to help businesses to grow at a faster rate, drive new ideas and innovation, and spread risk. Statistically, firms that have exported for more than two years are much more likely to be profitable.

Even better, the demand for UK products is now at unprecedented levels and had been even before the additional lure of a good rate of exchange. Last summer the Office for National Statistics found that the export of goods from the UK had overtaken the global average for the first time in a decade, with the majority of the growth driven by an increase in exports to markets outside the EU.

Don’t underestimate the potential demand for the products you, or your client, offer.

Exporting is Great

Whether you are a business owner or a practitioner helping a client to explore export opportunities you will find that there is a wealth of material available for you from the UK Government’s new website great.gov.uk

Exporting is Great
Using the new website you can

Help and support from ICAEW

The support options do not stop there. The ICAEW Library & Information Service is set up to support you, whether you are you are developing an export strategy for your own company or working with clients who are exploring their possibilities for export.

Resources and services available include:

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