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Winning with partners: A practical guide to International Expansion

Winning with Partners: A practical guide to International Expansion for SMEs is an eBook by David Sellings and Viveka Odlen Persson, published by ICT business consultancy Me4U, which is designed for owners and managers of small-to-medium size companies who are planning to establish, or have already established, a partner-based export business.

A small-to-medium size company (SME) wishing to start an export business can realize its ambition through operating an indirect route to market – via partners – or a direct route with its own resources/offices/subsidiaries in the export market. The former route is often the initially preferred choice because it is less costly than establishing a direct presence - and it is this route that is the focus of this book.

The book provides a step-by-step checklist-type guide covering the entire process from the decision to export through to achieving a profitable partner-based business. The appendices include an example partner agreement.