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You can submit through this page during the submission window. Have you completed everything you need for your Pathways application?

Have you registered?

If you have not previously applied for Pathways, or any ICAEW qualification or course, you will need to register your details with ICAEW first to get a candidate record number. This candidate record number is essential to beginning your submission.

If you already have an ICAEW record number

If you have an existing student or member number, perhaps you are an ICAEW General Affiliate, student or an ICAEW Faculty member for example. Then you MUST use your existing ICAEW number to register for Pathways. If in doubt, please contact us to check or if you have forgotten your ICAEW record number.

Why an application might be rejected

If you have followed the process step-by-step, it's highly unlikely that your application will not be accepted. However, it may be rejected from submission if:

  • You do not fully meet the applicant criteria,
  • Your sponsor does not fully meet the criteria,
  • Your application/Examination of Experience is incomplete,
  • Your application/Examination of Experience was submitted after the specified submission deadline,
  • Your Examination of Experience has not been submitted following the required template,
  • It has been advised or declared, that you have demonstrated inappropriate conduct which has been deemed unacceptable by ICAEW.

Submit your application

You must submit all application documents together. The online exam system does not allow you to enter some documents, and then submit the rest at a later time. Your submission must include: 

  • Your Examination of Experience (in word document - use our template) 
  • Your Letter of Good Standing from your professional body (PDF)
  • A Signed Sponsor Form (PDF)
  • Your sponsor's letter of good standing if they are not ICAEW member (PDF)
  • Submission fee (on-line payment by credit card) - payable at each attempt and non-refundable in all circumstances
  • Any other relevant documents, such as an application for an ICAEW Practising Certificate or Audit Qualification (AQ)
  • You need to submit no later than 4pm (GMT) on the submission deadline day. Late or incomplete entries will not be processed.

We wish you the best of luck with your submission!

Submit your Pathways application

Ensure you have completed every step in the checklist.

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Contact us

For all Pathways enquiries, please contact the Pathways team.