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Here's an overview of your next steps after your Pathways submission from receiving your results to becoming an ICAEW member.

Results date

Visit our Pathways annual planner to see when your results will be emailed to you.

What happens if you pass?

If successful, you will be invited to apply for ICAEW membership via email. You can apply for membership immediately after receiving this email and we advise to do so as soon as possible.

If you prolong your decision to become a member for 12 months or longer, you risk becoming a 'Delayed Member' and, therefore, could incur additional costs to become an ICAEW Member in the future (see delayed membership section below).

Membership fees run from 1 January to 31 December, the ICAEW membership admission fee is a standard rate irrespective of what time of year you join. See our Fees and subscriptions page for more information.

Once you have paid your fees, you will soon become a member of ICAEW. We will post your ICAEW membership certificate to you automatically approx. six-eight weeks after your ICAEW admission date. The name displayed on your membership certificate will be the name you used in your Pathways application.

Please note, you cannot call yourself an ICAEW Chartered Accountant or use the ACA designatory letters until we have confirmed you can do so, otherwise disciplinary action may be taken against you.

ICAEW delayed membership fee

If you delay your entry into ICAEW membership for 12 months or more after your eligibility date (the date you receive your exam results), you must provide additional information and you incur additional costs as below:

  • an extra £100 of administrative cost;
  • you are required to submit a reference from an ICAEW member with whom you have worked for at least two years;
  • you are required to submit a reference from your current employer;
  • an updated CV / career resumé.

What happens if you do not pass?

If you are unsuccessful, we will email the examiner feedback to you which will help you understand which questions you failed and why.

We encourage those who have not passed to resubmit at the next session as they have first-hand experience writing an Examination of Experience, have identified their sponsor and can confidently prepare for the next submission window knowing where they need to improve.

Please visit the dedicated resubmissions page to find out more.

Interactive Pathways guide

PDF (4,863kb)

Access an editable copy of our interactive Pathways guide to print or save.

Contact us

For all Pathways enquiries, please contact the Pathways team.