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As a member of CPA Canada you can join ICAEW through our Reciprocal Membership Agreement. You can also apply for an ICAEW Practising Certificate and may be able to gain audit rights in the UK with our Audit Qualification.

Benefits of joining ICAEW

  • Access a portfolio of products, services and networks. We continually develop these to ensure you have the most useful and relevant support at your fingertips
  • Technical help and advice
  • Insights on the profession
  • Online communities and hubs
  • Events and E-learning courses

How to join ICAEW

Working in regulated areas

In the United Kingdom the UK government regulates audit, insolvency and investment business. Individuals and firms working in these areas must be appropriately authorised. You can apply for a practicing certificate and gain audit rights in the UK with our Audit Qualification.

Practising certificate

If you intend to practise in the UK you must apply for a practising certificate. You may only practice as an ICAEW member if you have been a member of CA ANZ for at least two years.

Audit rights

ICAEW membership does not automatically grant you audit rights in the UK, so if you intend to work in audit during your career, then we recommend that you apply for the Audit Qualification (AQ) when joining us.

Working in Insolvency

ICAEW is the largest insolvency regulator in the UK. We offer the opportunity for ICAEW Chartered Accountants and non-ICAEW members to qualify and be licensed as insolvency practitioners with us. We also offer a comprehensive programme of support for our current and future insolvency practitioners including membership to our Restructuring & Insolvency Community.

Working in Financial Services

Gain sector-specific technical support and expert opinions to keep you up to date in a fast-changing environment.