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What is verifiable CPD?

Helpsheets and support

Published: 24 Apr 2023 Updated: 05 Dec 2023 Update History

Guidance outlining the types of CPD activity that could qualify as verifiable for the purpose of the revised ICAEW CPD Regulations which introduce minimum CPD requirements.

Under the revised CPD Regulations, effective from 1 November 2023, members and other individuals regulated by ICAEW have to undertake a prescribed minimum number of hours of continuing professional development (CPD).

The minimum number of hours for each individual will depend upon which CPD category best fits your role. Each CPD category sets out the minimum number of hours and the  proportion of those hours that must be verifiable.


CPD category

Minimum number
of hours

Minimum number of verifiable hours


Category 1 40


Category 2 30 20
Category 3



Working outside practice

Category 1



Category 2



Category 3



Executives/trustees of charities working pro bono.

ICAEW's CPD video for charity trustees  or training with similar learning outcomes.

Relevant CPD

The CPD that you do must be relevant to your role. This means that the CPD activity should meet a specific learning outcome that you have identified as necessary to remain up to date and competent in your professional role.

CPD is not restricted to activities focused on technical accounting or finance knowledge. Engaging in content that looks to the future of the profession, such as thought leadership, would be considered CPD, as would the development of soft skills, such as communication, leadership and change management.

Potential CPD activities

CPD could take many forms, and the type of CPD you choose to do will be influenced by your development needs, and how you decide that those learning needs are best met. If you work in business, you may find that the way you undertake CPD is different to the way an individual working in practice may do CPD. The key is that the CPD must be relevant to your role and address any development needs that you identify.

How to verify CPD activities

For a CPD activity to be verifiable there must be evidence of its completion that is:

  • objective - fact based rather than based on personal perspectives;
  • corroborated - can be confirmed to be accurate; and
  • retained - documented and stored in an observable format.

To support you with changes to CPD requirements, we have developed a new online CPD record. It allows you to quickly record and track your progress against CPD requirements.

Examples of verifiable CPD

Verifiable CPD is not limited to structured courses. Independent evidence can be provided for a wide-range of actions from your day-to-day work, from attending peer discussion groups and consulting experts, to on-the-job research of technical areas and writing academic articles.

The list below provides example CPD activities and how they can be evidenced. Please note that only one form of evidence is required for each verifiable CPD activity in your record.

More support

Guidance on what constitutes verifiable CPD and potential evidence that would be acceptable under the revised CPD Regulations, as well as the downloadable form for verifying on-the-job learning

Verifiable CPD examplesOn-the-job learning form

CPD activity

Verifiable Example evidence type

Attendance on external courses.

• Certificate of attendance. 
• Booking confirmation from course supplier.
Attendance on internal courses. Yes – if your organisation provides evidence of your attendance.
• Attendance record.
• Certificate of attendance from internal system/training coordinator.
Formal study and/or passing exams leading to a designation, degree, certificate or diploma.


• Enrolment record.
• Attendance schedule.
• Certificate of completion.
• Exam certificate.
Attending or participating in:
• webinars,
• lectures,
• symposiums,
• conferences,
• seminars,
• workshops,
• presentations with defined learning outcomes, or
• peer learning discussion groups.


Proof of participation or attendance (for example a registration email for a webinar or a certificate/email confirming completion).
Preparing to lecture/teach new content.


• Session materials.
• Record of event.
Carrying out technical research. Yes – where the results of that research can be produced in presentations, reports, file notes or similar documents.
• Presentation/report/file note/other document summarising the research.
• List of source references used.
• Certificate summarising time spent on research activity, signed by line manager.
• ICAEW is developing a tool that will enable members to verify reading of articles and PDFs on icaew.com and log it in their online CPD record.

Technical reading.

Only verifiable if the reading can be evidenced. Otherwise, would count as non-verifiable CPD if it is relevant to the learning needs of your role.  • ICAEW is developing a tool that will enable members to verify reading of articles and PDFs on icaew.com and log it in their online CPD record.

Listening to podcasts.

Only verifiable if the listening can be evidenced. Otherwise, would count as non-verifiable CPD if it is relevant to the learning needs of your role. 

• ICAEW is developing a tool that will enable members to verify listening to podcasts on icaew.com and log it in their online CPD record.

Writing technical or academic articles, papers or books. Yes – where it is published.
• Copy of article.
• Source references.
• Publication dates.
• Details of time spent in preparation.
On the job training that helped develop or maintain professional competence. Yes – if records provided by another person, eg employer, performance manager, mentor or tutor. • Certificate or other documented records, confirmed by an employer, performance manager, mentor or tutor, for time spent. 
• ICAEW has created a downloadable form to record on-the-job learning and enable verification by a senior colleague. Find out more.
Participation in meetings/discussion groups on technical topics, for example, ICAEW District Society meetings.


Evidence of meeting, for example, minutes, diary dates or an attendee list.
Consulting experts to resolve technical or ethical issues. Yes – if consultation is evidenced.
• Record of expert(s) consulted.
• List of resources accessed. 
• Copies of correspondence with expert.
Participation in professional board that developed and maintained competence.


Records confirmed by the professional board for time spent participating.

CPD resources included in your ICAEW membership

As part of your ICAEW membership you have access to a range of resources that can support you in meeting your CPD obligations, many of which will be verifiable.

Faculties and communities

ICAEW's faculties and communities produce a variety of content for their audiences, including webinars, events, articles and guidance. As of January 2023 all ICAEW members have access to this wealth of content covering a range of sectors and professional specialisms, including:

ICAEW has more than 30 communities with many focusing on specific industries. See a full list.

Technical advice

The helpsheets created by ICAEW's Technical Advisory Services team reflect the practical guidance provided to members every day on the helplines and highlight important issues for members.

ICAEW members have free access to practical technical and ethical guidance, as well as frequently asked questions, to support you day to day.

All staff of a firm which is part of ICAEW's Practice Assurance scheme or is regulated, supervised or authorised by ICAEW (for audit, DPB, probate, insolvency, anti-money laundering or the licensed practitioner scheme) also have free access to Bloomsury's Accounting and Tax Service.

This online library comprises more than 60 titles from some of the countries leading tax and accounting subject matter experts.

Current affairs

ICAEW insights has been created to keep ICAEW members up to date with the latest developments in finance, accountancy, tax and the world of business.

Alongside daily articles, the insights section includes weekly chartsregular podcasts and videos, all freely available.

You can receive the latest insights direct to your inbox by subscribing to either our Daily, Weekly or Monthly emails.

Online training

ICAEW has created a number of free online training resources which provide verifiable CPD activities.

  • Trustee training modules - an overview of charity trustees' legal and financial responsibilities and their strategic and operational considerations.
  • Finance in a digital world - an elearning programme produced by Deloitte that looks at how technology is driving financial transformation.

CPD resources

ICAEW membership includes a significant range of online content, including webinars, podcasts and insights. Members also have access to content created by our faculties and communities.

Find out more about how ICAEW's CPD Regulations are changing after 1 November 2023

Recording CPD

To demonstrate the CPD you have undertaken, you should keep a record of your CPD activity, along with the supporting evidence for the verifiable CPD. 

ICAEW has published an example of what a CPD record could look like and the key elements that it should include, such as your reflection statement, CPD activities and evidence.

ICAEW has developed an online CPD record which you may choose to use. We are also creating a tool that will enable members to verify CPD activity on icaew.com and log it in this online record. 

Access your new online CPD record

To support ICAEW members with changes to CPD requirements, we have created a new online record for the 2023/24 CPD year. It will allow you to quickly record and track your progress against your CPD requirements.

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  • Update History
    27 Apr 2023 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Guidance amended to provide examples of acceptable evidence for webinar attendance and to clarify that only one item of evidence is required per verifiable CPD activity within a CPD record.
    26 May 2023 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Insertion of 'CPD resources included in ICAEW membership' section.
    25 Jul 2023 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Clarification added over potential verifiability of podcast listening and additional text to 'relevant CPD' section to reaffirm that CPD activities are not restricted to technical accountancy and finance subjects.
    31 Aug 2023 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Inclusion of information about verification of CPD activities on icaew.com and the creation of a form to support the verification of on-the-job learning
    05 Dec 2023 (12: 00 AM GMT)
    Links have been added to the new online CPD record.