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ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme

If you have a Technology product that you are looking to get accredited, the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme will enable you to better position yourself in a competitive marketplace.


  • Use of the ICAEW “Technology Accreditation” logo on product packaging, website and promotional materials.
  • Description of your accredited product with a downloadable evaluation report on www.icaew.com/accreditedtech - with a link through to your website.
  • Promotion of the scheme and accredited products via ICAEW social media channels
  • Access to ICAEW marketing channels – events, social media, conferences etc.

Accreditation scheme

If you wish to accredit your product please see our “How to get accredited” section

Find out how to join the scheme

Benefits of Accreditation

Unquestionably, the suppliers and products accredited under this scheme enjoy a distinctive edge in a highly competitive market place. As an accredited software provider, you can benefit from an extensive marketing support package including:

  • Use of the ICAEW accredited software logo on product packaging, website and promotional materials.
  • Free access of up to 20,000 records (mailing only) per year from the membership database (market value is £5,000)
  • Description of your accredited software with a downloadable product evaluation report on the ICAEW corporate website with a link through to your website.
  • Discounted marketing via ICAEW marketing channels
  • Access to sponsorship of ICAEW events and products at discounted rates.
  • Provision of speakers where relevant and depending on availability.


Further information


ICAEW has a policy of appointing a top accountancy firm as the scheme's independent assessor. This is currently RSM. The assessor has the final say as to whether a product has passed the accreditation process.

The scheme's independence is very important as it means software companies cannot simply pay to join the Scheme but must meet the required criteria laid out in the questionnaire.


The following list provides questionnaires and guidelines for the scheme