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Career Breakers Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings from the Career Breakers Community.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

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Event Date Recording
Regaining Professional Confidence (in a Post-Covid World) - Session two
The second session of the Regaining Professional Confidence webinar.
4 September 2020  Listen again
Regaining Professional Confidence (in a Post-Covid World) - Session one
Helen will discuss issues such as your fears and emotions, the brain and its role in triggering the fight, flight or freeze response.
4 September 2020  Listen again 
Employment rights & childcare related concerns for parents
With Claire McCartney Senior Policy Adviser, Resourcing and Inclusion, CIPD, and Sybille Raphael, Head of Legal Advice Services, Working Families.
5 August 2020 Listen again
Welcome to the new normal – How to talk professionally online
Everyone is having to learn to talk online now, but It's easy to get it wrong when you're at home. You don't want to look and sound unprofessional. This webinar will give you expert advice and tips on how to have a professional image on screen whether in meetings or interviews.
29 April 2020 Listen again


Event Date Recording
COVID-19 – crisis with a legacy
As a profession, this is our moment to step up. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 continues, but our economic crisis is only starting to be felt. This is the time when businesses need support and guidance to channel the oxygen of cash and navigate the changes we’re all facing.
2020 Listen