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Templates for routine case reviews

ICAEW has provided two templates to support Insolvency Practitioners and their staff in undertaking routine case reviews.

Both these review templates are designed to give a snapshot of the case. They highlight some key compliance issues but do not include the level of detail that you need to consider when you carry out your ICR.

They are not designed to be used for carrying out your insolvency compliance review. They are primarily designed to be used when administering cases, to identify the key issues and to confirm they are being addressed.

Month-one file review

ICAEW suggest insolvency practitioners and their staff carry out a review shortly after appointment to check that the immediate post-appointment issues have been dealt with and that case diaries have been correctly set up. You may find this template useful.

Six-monthly file review

We also suggest IPs carry out regular ongoing reviews, for example, at six-monthly intervals, to ensure that cases are being moved forward and that all key issues are being, or have been, dealt with. You may find this template useful.

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