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Commentary on audit reviews

Read opinion pieces and commentary on the corporate governance and audit reform and the BEIS white paper.

Sarbanes-Oxley: like learning a new language

ICAEW Insights 24-05-2021

The Internal Controls over Financial Reporting assessment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are relevant for any company with securities listed in the US, including many large UK companies.

Potential PIE extension casts the regulatory net wide

ICAEW Insights 21-05-2021

Radical reforms proposed by the UK Government could see thousands more companies brought under new, more stringent, audit and corporate reporting rules previously aimed at the UK’s largest businesses.

ARGA powers strengthened on local government audit

ICAEW Insights 20-05-2021

The Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority will be reinforced with new powers over local government audit, protecting public funds and ensuring councils are best serving taxpayers.

A culture assessment can only be useful

ICAEW Insights 10-05-2021

Corporate culture is often forgotten in the rush to determine internal rules. If we are to understand the big questions around trust in business, shouldn’t culture metrics be in place?

Finding fraud is at the heart of audit reform

ICAEW Insights 07-05-2021

Chartered accountants have an opportunity to respond to the package of reforms relating to fraud, as recommended by the Brydon Review. What do you think of the government’s proposals?

Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance: what does the BEIS White Paper mean for company directors?

A key dimension of the reform package is the wider impact it will have on boards and company directors.

Is the UK ready for Sarbanes-Oxley?

ICAEW Insights 30-04-2021

One of the central planks of the Sarbanes-Oxley regime in the US is that directors will go to prison if they fall short. If a version is implemented in the UK and there is no such penalty in scope, how will the regime work?

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