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Alternative services for audit-exempt organisations

Compliance with regulation is only one reason to have an audit. Many exempt organisations will still want an audit, and others will want some other work done to build confidence in their financial statements.

There are four options available for building confidence in a set of company financial statements. The table below summarises the key features of each option and the links below it provide more detail.

Level of comfort provided Non-technical pros and cons Technical reference (UK) Case study Technical reference (international)
Audit **** Credible choice leaflet Auditing standards Auditing standards
Assurance review *** Credible choice leaflet TECH09/13AAF
Reeves & co and BSL Gas Technologies Ltd
International Standard for Review Engagements (IRSE) 2400
Agreed-upon procedures ** Credible choice leaflet TECH10/12AAF
James Cowper LLP and Relcross Ltd
Accounts compilation * Credible choice leaflet Technical release AAF 02/10