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Surviving audit busy season

Isabelle Campbell shares tips on staying positive under the pressure of the year-end period. Plus a round-up of wellbeing resources from CABA and ICAEW.

If you had told me 14 years ago, as I struggled through my first audit busy season, that I’d be writing about wellbeing, speaking about stress management and coaching on keeping your work and personal life separate, I would have dismissed the notion. What could I, an overworked, under-confident, stressed junior auditor have to say about resilience, self-belief and wellbeing?Surviving lockdown

The intense year-end period typically brings longer hours, greater pressure and skewed work-life balance. Now that we’re working remotely, without the camaraderie and support of the audit room, the effects can be magnified. Difficult conversations are harder to have remotely and understanding or explaining a complex concept is far more challenging when you’re not side by side to share insights.