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Audit technology

ACA trainees and auditors need to develop and maintain their practical technology skills. ICAEW can help with resources including articles, reports and webinars on data analytics, AI and ADA software.

Audit has always utilised the latest technologies, but there is a world of difference between some of the earliest audit automation tools and the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence (AI) and audit data analytics (ADA). The power and variety of technologies – available to and used by auditors – have dramatically increased over recent years and will continue to do so, as the rate of change in technology and its capacity to enhance audit quality and efficiency accelerate.

Staying on top of what’s possible, and how to get the most from it, can present individual auditors and firms with some challenges, so ICAEW has taken steps to assist both seasoned auditors and trainees with some aspects of this. There are audit-specific resources, such as an updated Essential guide to audit tech  and the Data Analytics Community. A host of articles, reports and webinars are also available on the ICAEW website.