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Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in marketing.

The marketing and finance relationship

As technology is changing the way we work, so the relationship between marketing and finance needs to evolve for continued success. Chris Lawson explores ways to put this into action.

Social media management

Years spent building a reputation can be wiped out in a social media moment. Nina Bryant explores how online customer engagement can be a force for success rather than disaster.

Corporate gift or business bribe

In the corporate world a present could be the difference between improving a working relationship and offending a client. But why is it so important for businesses to be aware of being accused of bribery? David Adams explains.

Profiling your company image

A culture deck is a series of slides created to describe a company’s culture and behaviour in order to sell itself to potential and current employees. Brett Putter explores how to make your culture deck more appealing.

Special report - Corporate image

Developing and enhancing your branding as a business can greatly enhance your market presence, especially on-line. This report covers the most important aspects of bear in mind when developing a brand strategy.

Is social media peaking?

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Despite the continuing need to protect your corporate reputation in regard to social networking sites, is social media waning in terms of the marketing and brand value opportunities on offer? Alan Mitchell analyses the true value of social media to marketing and brand strategy, providing tips on how to keep exploiting this ever-evolving resource.

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