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Purchasing and supply chain management

Create value through good supply chain management

Make your supply chain stronger

Reinforcing your supply chain will avert disaster

Why collaboration with suppliers matters

ICAEW 09-06-2020

9 June 2020: As businesses look for ways to emerge successfully from the pandemic, supply chain management will be key. The best supplier relationships not only support cost effectiveness but also innovation and the generation of sustainable value.

How the luxury market works

A look at this opaque and mysterious industry.

What happens when everything generates data?

The internet of things, where sensors are integrated into many kinds of objects, is growing rapidly. This webinar explores how finance professionals can take advantage of this powerful technology.

Coronavirus impacts on supply chain and financial performance (COVID-19)

Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 27-03-2020

This online resource, created by the ICAEW Business and Management Faculty, looks at the evolving situation and its implications from a supply chain perspective as well as what you can do now to protect yourself from the impact on business performance.

Coping with coronavirus

Alison Coleman Business and Management ICAEW 17-03-2020

Why it’s imperative for businesses to have robust plans in place to deal with the outbreak and mitigate disaster.

Getting the most out of your suppliers

Padraig Floyd Business and Management ICAEW 14-10-2019

Managing suppliers is a core competency for every organisation, yet many don't take the time to develop these relationships. Padraig Floyd outlines a number of reasons why you should.

Reducing the risk of supply chain fraud

This webinar goes through practical steps to reduce the likelihood of your business suffering from supply chain fraud.

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