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Purchasing and supply chain management

Create value through good supply chain management

Coping with coronavirus

Alison Coleman Business and Management ICAEW 17-03-2020

Why it’s imperative for businesses to have robust plans in place to deal with the outbreak and mitigate disaster.

Getting the most out of your suppliers

Padraig Floyd Business and Management ICAEW 14-10-2019

Managing suppliers is a core competency for every organisation, yet many don't take the time to develop these relationships. Padraig Floyd outlines a number of reasons why you should.

Reducing the risk of supply chain fraud

This webinar goes through practical steps to reduce the likelihood of your business suffering from supply chain fraud.

Supply chain management - Cultivating the cross border business flow

Penelope Rance Business and Management ICAEW 13-06-2017

In light of the recent uncertainties in the UK, businesses have been questioning the robustness of existing and future global trade networks. Penelope Rance looks at what role the CFO has in helping to secure the integrity of supply chains.

From farm to fork - part one

David Craik Business and Management ICAEW 18-07-2016

The economics for companies in the food supply chain is becoming ever-more complicated and precarious. David Craik looks at how farms and suppliers are responding to the challenges.

Buying into change

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty Business and Management ICAEW 11-05-2016

Better procurement used to mean just cutting costs, but today businesses find innovation and collaboration are the key to improved efficiency.

10 key business analytics

Companies are increasingly using data, generated by themselves and others, to make better informed decisions. Never before in history have companies had access to more data or more analytics solutions to turn the data into insights. This article looks at 10 common ways companies use analytics to generate new insights and better decision-making.

How to run a successful tender process

David Noble Business and Management ICAEW 01-12-2011

The tender process can seem complicated and time-consuming from a buyer’s perspective. In this article, David Noble advises on how to manage it effectively.

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