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Design your online marketing strategy

An astounding 76% of business owners don’t have a strategy for online marketing. Make sure you’re in the 24% that do with this handy guide from Think Digital First’s Warren Knight.


Webinars and recordings

How accountants can become digital leaders

In this thought-provoking presentation, Warren will demystify how your future online customer is “thinking” and why every founder, business owner, and entrepreneur can digitally transform their sales and marketing using a proven methodology as a digital leader and utilise disruptive technology effectively.


Make value your priority

Pricing in business models and the importance of customer perceived value in innovations were on last month’s agenda. This time Andreas Hinterhuber takes these ideas further and considers how a shift to value-based pricing can provide the winning edge.

Positioning and pricing

A simplistic approach to setting prices is a common strategic mistake. Pricing consultant Andreas Hinterhuber explores the ways a business can be sure when the price is right.


Professional services marketing: how the best firms build premier brands, thriving lead generation engines, and cultures of business development success

Guide to marketing from a US perspective.

MicroDomination: how to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand

Social media marketing for entrepreneurs.

How to write a marketing plan

Study guide for group marketing planning exercises.

Marketing manifesto, The

Step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing strategy.

Industry press

Realise your sales potential

How corporate directors should build the businesses to maximise sales. The article tackles pricing, packaging, choice of market and customer research.

Four ways to redefine sales

The article discusses the aspects to consider for redefining sales. These include the need to redefine the product on how one's clients use it, the type of customer that use the product, and the value of selling the competitive advantage of the product to customers.

Segmentation enters the sales playbook: While a common tool for marketers, sales has started using segmentation as well

The article offers information on benefits of the sales segmentation which is the process of establishing separate marketing strategies to appeal to consumers with different needs, interests, budgets or other attributes

Influencer marketing goes global

The article reports on the growing number of brands employing the influencer marketing strategy or the technique of getting lifestyle bloggers and users of the social media platform Instagram to promote their products. Topics discussed include the defining characteristics of influencers, the factors that marketing teams consider when choosing the influencer for their company and the challenges of navigating influencer markets outside the U.S. and Europe.

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