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EY to scrap final one-to-one interviews

The Big Four firm today announced that it will drop the final interview stage of its student recruitment process and replace it with an assessment event

The changes to its recruitment process for graduates and school leavers aims to increase diversity among new recruits while speeding up the process.

EY has also almost halved its recruitment process – from nine to five weeks – from application to job offer.

The assessment event will include eight separate activities throughout one day, with five appraisers then providing input on whether to offer the job.

Rival firm KPMG scrapped its multi-stage interview process for graduates in 2016 after research suggested graduates found the process frustrating.

Research commissioned by EY on perceptions of graduate and apprenticeship application processes at large organisations found that 42% wanted higher quality feedback.

Furthermore, 36% wanted improvements in the ability to express their personal attributes and 34% wanted improvements in responsiveness from employers.

More than a quarter (28%) were put off from applying as they thought the process was too stressful, while 21% were deterred as they believed it was too time consuming.

In June, PwC said it had banned all-male job shortlists to increase the number of female executives in boardrooms, while KPMG said it would not consider all-male shortlists from recruiters.

PwC and Deloitte have been contacted for comment on their recruitment policies.

Originally published in Economia on 11 October 2018.