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Special report - Managing people

Managing people is one of the most important skills needed to successfully navigate your way to the top of the corporate ladder. This report provides practical tips and advice on topics such as team management, dealing with difficult people and the effect of technology on recruitment.

The business world is awash with anecdotes, tales and all out catastrophic examples of bad management and stories of those simply excelling at their job technically climbing the ranks, when more is needed. Managing people is an art, not one which can be easily learned as well, and requires focus and dedication from business leaders to ensure employees are being trained to a high standard, so they can harness and unleash the ability of those they manage.

So is there an essential go-to guide for effective management? Well if anyone can come up with it, I’d put my money on recruitment experts Robert Half, who have attempted to distil this complicated topic into a ten top tips. This is a handy checklist for those wanting to extract more out of their teams. 

The needs and demands of employees are ever-changing, with flexible hours, changing social norms and ways of working only adding to the challenges managers face in keeping everyone happy and productive. Page 6 looks at the lessons the expanding Tech sector in Silicon Valley can teach the rest of the world, and whether these patterns will persist. But amongst all this change, make sure you are within the bounds of the law. Beth Hale and Naomi Latham give a comprehensive rundown of new employment legislation. 

One of the most common gripes of employees is the way managers deal with difficult situations and conversations, with many avoiding them entirely. Although this is quite clearly wrong, dealing with tricky and sensitive situations is not easy, and you must be prepared in order to do the right thing by your team. Angus Farr points out some tools to help you make these conversations easy.

We hope our special report will help those in managerial positions, or those aspiring to get there. The carefully selected array of articles you are about to read aim to do so. As always, if there are any questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to get in touch at dipak.vashi@icaew.com

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Dipak Vashi, Technical Manager, Business and Management Faculty