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Time to say goodbye to BAM

From special events to seminars – and, of course, 300 issues of our monthly magazine – the Business & Management Faculty has been a guiding light for its members for almost 30 years

The Business & Management (BAM) Faculty, in its various guises, has been going strong for nearly 30 years, striving to serve the huge number of ICAEW members working in business, industry and commerce. This section represents the largest proportion of ICAEW members in its cohort and the importance of BAM and its work has never been underestimated by us at ICAEW, past and present.

The BAM team builds on the work done by its board, which has always comprised a diverse and vastly experienced array of CEOs, CFOs, FDs, academics and those from all other walks of life. Our valued board helped us understand the issues that were occurring on the ground in their realms, which allowed us to target our huge output of content to where it was needed most, to bring the greatest value to our members.