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Board effectivness articles

Articles and features from the ICAEW on board effectiveness.

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Seven reasons why a board role can boost your career

There is a lot of focus on how to get non-executive director (NED) positions on corporate boards and the best way to build a portfolio career – but many professionals don’t realise the value of laying the groundwork for success at this level much earlier in their careers.

Taking risk on board

Businesses and organisations today find themselves operating in a highly volatile and ambiguous world.

Chapter Zero Climate change briefings for board members

ICAEW is a supporter of Chapter Zero, which together with Deloitte, is running a series of briefing sessions for board members on climate change

Time for new approach on executive pay

Julia Root-Gutteridge London Accountant August 2019

Last month, ICAEW and Hermes convened a senior panel of remuneration committee chairs and investors, along with Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, to explore how realigning executive pay can help to restore trust in business, reports Julia Root-Gutteridge, ICAEW Manager for Board Effectiveness.

How do you know if your audit committee is effective

Audit Committees are playing an increasingly critical corporate governance role in terms of their leadership on financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and the internal and external audit functions.

Meet ICAEW’s new Business & Industrial Strategy team

London Accountant June 2019

ICAEW’s new Business & Industrial Strategy team has been established to ensure that the knowledge, expertise and insight of ICAEW members in business, including those in London, are heard.

Information overload – practical tips

In recent years the length of board packs has increased significantly, especially in financial services, often surpassing a thousand pages. This information overload can hamper board members’ ability to think clearly, and thus their ability to make challenges where appropriate.

Are board packs too long?

Zsuzsanna Schiff Business and Management February 2019

The benefits to business of reducing lengthy board packs.

Board evaluations – ticking a box or making a difference?

It is very clear that a new lens is being applied to board performance.

Conflict and tension in the boardroom

The good, the bad and the ugly sides of boardroom conflict and tension.

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