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Board effectiveness articles

Articles and features from the ICAEW on board effectiveness.

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How to excel as a board member – a guide for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs)

David Levenson and Siobhán Cahalan spoke on an ICAEW webinar exploring how to prepare for being on a board and what you will discover when you arrive in the boardroom. David and Siobhán follow up below with some more advice in response to questions that were raised on the webinar.

The IRB: building a board for the future


The ICAEW Regulatory Board (IRB) is at a critical point in its development. It recently announced the appointment of a new chair and is currently recruiting new members. We talk to serving board members and the chair of the independent Regulatory and Conduct Appointments Committee about what makes an effective board, why diversity – in all its forms – is so important, and what qualities prospective members could bring to the mix.

COVID-19 not the only thing worrying the C-suite

2019 seemed particularly bad for large-scale disruptive events, and it was, until 2020 and COVID-19 came along.

Build back better: green issues in the boardroom

Julie Baddeley July 2020

20 July: Chapter Zero Chair Julie Baddeley reflects on how climate change has moved up the board agenda, the rise of green capital, and the demand for effective climate-related reporting.

Cyber security for boards

Board support has long been recognised as vital to achieving good cyber security. But boards have often struggled to have good conversations with cyber security specialists and understand their risks around cyber.

Five questions director should ask about climate risk

Climate change and sustainability has been placed firmly in the spotlight of media and society’s attention. Focus is now turning even more to the business world to play its part.

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