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Company directors articles and features

Articles and feature from the ICAEW on the role and responsibilities of company directors

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Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance: what does the BEIS White Paper mean for company directors?

A key dimension of the reform package is the wider impact it will have on boards and company directors.

Uncertain times

Outlining key findings from the Financial Reporting Lab's reports on reporting in times of uncertainty and s172 disclosures.

Three Things We Learned About Corporate Governance in 2020

This challenging year was an inflection point for companies from a corporate governance perspective. As we look towards 2021, we reflect on key learnings from 2020.

Update on EU Directors duties

The EU picks up on the shareholder primacy v stakeholder capitalism debate

Sustainable corporate governance and socially responsible investors

Carlos Torneros looks at how sustainable corporate governance evolved up to the present day.

Co-ordinated s172(1) reporting

Good reporting starts with good content, gathered from sources right across the business.

The stakeholder imperative: an urgent priority for boards

How have boards responded to the ongoing coronavirus crisis in light of the wide range of stakeholders they have to consider, and what should they be doing to plan for the future?

Boards in the age of COVID-19

Audit reform, cyber threats, climate risk - these were some of the risks recently on board members’ minds until the impact of COVID-19 pushed them rapidly down the agenda.

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