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IAS 33 Earnings Per Share

IAS 33 Earnings per Share prescribes the principles for the determination and presentation of earnings per share.

Revised December 2003. Effective 1 January 2005.

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IAS 33 applies to companies whose ordinary shares or potential ordinary shares are publicly traded or companies in the process of issuing such shares in public markets.

It requires the calculation of basic and diluted earnings per share (EPS) which must be presented on the face of the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income.

Basic EPS is calculated by dividing profit or loss attributable to ordinary equity holders by the weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding. The standard provides guidance on the calculation of these amounts.

Diluted EPS is calculated in the same way as basic EPS, however the profit or loss attributable to ordinary equity holders and the weighted average number of shares are adjusted for the effects of all dilutive potential ordinary shares.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) provides free access to the consolidated unaccompanied international accounting standards for the current year through its website. Free registration is required.

This unaccompanied version does not include additional content that accompanies the full standard, such as illustrative examples, implementation guidance and bases for conclusions.

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Current proposals

  1. ED/2019/7 General Presentation and Disclosures was issued in December 2019. This is the exposure draft of a proposed new IFRS Standard that would replace IAS 1. The standard would carry forward most of the current requirements of IAS 1 and add supplementary guidance, including a requirement to disclosure of management performance measures. A consequential amendment to IAS 33 would delete the current guidance on EPS calculated using measures other than those prescribed by IAS 33. It would be replaced by alternative guidance that refers to the requirements of the new IFRS.

Other resources

Thematic review: Earnings per share (IAS 33)
FRC, September 2022
Report identifying how companies can improve their disclosure of earnings per share, highlighting common errors in calculations. It outlines the main principles of IAS 33 and explains profit or loss attributable to ordinary equity holders, weighted average number of shares, share reorganisations, other adjustments, definition of dilutive and antidilutive, adjusted EPS, and reverse acquisitions.

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