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IFRIC 21 Levies

Published May 2013. Effective 1 January 2014 (17 June 2014 for EU preparers).

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IFRIC 21 provides guidance on when to recognise a liability for a levy imposed by a government, other than those levies within the scope of other standards eg Income taxes and fines or penalties imposed for breaches of legislation.

A liability to pay levies is recognised when an obligating event takes place, such as the generation of revenue in the current period. There is no obligating event where a levy is triggered in a future period and an entity is economically compelled to continue to operate in the future period or the financial statements are prepared on a going concern basis suggesting that the entity will continue to operate in the future period.

If the obligating event occurs over a period of time, the liability is recognised progressively; if the obligating event is reaching a minimum threshold, the liability is recognised when the minimum threshold is met.

Illustrative examples accompany IFRIC 21 and these detail how to account for various types of levies.

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IFRSs referred to by IFRIC 21

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Current proposals

  1. The Board is developing proposals for targeted improvements to IAS 37 in order to align the standard with the Conceptual Framework and make clarification amendments. The amendments are likely to include replacing IFRIC 21 with new application requirements for levies.

This page was last updated 4 February 2022.

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