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FS Focus 2019 issues

All 2019 issues of FS Focus - the magazine of the Financial Services Faculty.

FS Focus: June 2019

Elliot Hand explores the much-talked about transition from Libor to alternative rates, Grace Lordan takes a look at the dangers of groupthink and Will Pomroy asks if sustainability reports are a help or a hindrance.

FS Focus: May 2019

Peter Wilson looks at the potential triggers for a downturn becoming next financial crisis, Rob Konowalchuk looks at the implications for data in IFRS 17 and Tom Lansdowne looks at why challengers break the rules in their desire to innovate

FS Focus April 2019

In this issue Dame Helena Morrisey talks to Peter Wilson about the finance sector and its worrying gender pay gap reports, Henry Teitelbaum on why global risks, such as climate change, should bring infrastructure spend into sharper focus and Paul Wallace reports on how central bankers are rewriting the script for 2019.

FS Focus: March 2019

In this issue David Smith ask if Brexit or productivity stagnation is doing more damage, how was Financial Services affected by the US shutdown, is PFI the new Enron, are the FCA's new proposals for the overdrive market strong enough, Aidan Millar talks technology in Financial Services.

FS Focus: February 2019

In this issue, John Mongelard findings from the results of the PRA stress test, Elizabeth St-Onge and Ege Gurdeniz explain why banks need to prepare for the event robots going rogue when rolling out machine-learning applications and Sally Percy looks at the upsides and downsides of underemployment.