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Soft skills can drive career opportunities

Going back to work can be daunting. Whether you are returning from a sabbatical, maternity leave or career break, resuming your professional routine can lead to extreme nervousness.

Not going to work every day and being around the buzz of the office can often cause feelings of insecurity. There’s always the fear that something will have changed in the time that you have been gone. This is perfectly normal. Certainly you are always going to wonder about every day issues, from changes in personnel to even where you are sitting in the office. There is also the worry that things will have moved on from when you were last at work, both in terms of the skills required or what your day-to-day role requires.

Professional qualifications including the ACA tend to focus on technical skills, with very focused areas of study. Therefore, if you have not been at work for a period of time, you may worry that your current skill set is not up to date. However, there are other ways to make yourself stand out in the workplace, through the use of soft skills.