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Standing data change forms for regulated firms

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Published: 21 Sep 2022 Update History

Please use these forms to notify us of the following changes to your practice.

If you wish to withdraw your firm from a service, please complete this form.

You must notify us of any changes to the standing data of your firm within 10 business days of the change. Please see maintaining your firm record for further details and requirements for regulatory changes.

Note you may need to submit more than one form, for example telling us about principal changes may also mean there have been changes to the structure of your firm.

How to complete these forms

Ensure you save the form to your computer first and then fill it in electronically. You can use the tab key to move from one answer to the next.

Note: if your firm is an unregulated firm, amendments to your firm record should be made by emailing firms.admin@icaew.com.

Visit icaew.com/firmrecord for more information.

Principal changes

Use this form to add or remove principals from your firm record. A principal is defined as a director of a limited company, a member of an LLP, a partner in a partnership or a sole trader. This will include individuals being held out as principals.

Office changes

Use this form to add or remove offices to or from your firm record. You need to tell us about all the offices in your firm. This includes market day offices which are locations where no records are held and where no staff are based. Typically, a market day office is a place only for collecting post or holding local meetings.

Trading names

Use this form to tell us about the trading names your firm uses or any changes to these trading names.

We will record a new trading name as an additional branch office, but it will not be included in the office fee calculation. The firm will be charged a fee if it uses the trading name when signing audit reports. When calculating your firm’s annual audit registration fee, the trading name cost is equivalent to the cost of the firm having an additional office.

If your firm holds a DPB licence, we charge £100 to add a trading name.

Structure of the firm

Use this form to tell us about shareholder, voting rights, and management board changes. This information is used to determine the firm’s ongoing eligibility to hold certain regulatory registrations (eg, audit registration and probate accreditation). We also use this information to determine whether the firm meets the definition of an ICAEW member firm in the Principal Bye-laws and is eligible to use the term Chartered Accountant.

Regulatory contact changes

Use this form to tell us about changes to compliance and contact partners, responsible individuals and authorised individuals. 

Note this form should be completed by the CURRENT contact.

Mergers, acquisitions or other business combinations

There is specific information we need to know if your firm is undergoing a merger, acquisition or other business combination.

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