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Apply to be an affiliate

This page explains the different types of affiliate status and directs you to relevant guidance application forms and fee scales.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a non-ICAEW member who is:

  • an ICAEW licensed insolvency practitioner;
  • a principal (partner, director or LLP member) in a firm licensed by ICAEW under the Licensed Practice scheme to perform ATOL return work; or
  • a principal (partner, director or LLP member) in a firm that is regulated by ICAEW for:
    • audit;
    • investment business (DPB);
    • probate;
    • local public audit; and/or
    • uses the description ‘chartered accountants’.

If you fall into any of the categories above, you may need to apply for affiliate status.

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Affiliate status

If your firm is regulated by ICAEW to undertake work in more than one of the areas listed above, you’ll need to apply for affiliate status for each regulated area. Please call +44 (0)1908 248 250 for advice.

Corporate affiliates

Limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are legal persons; they can be principals.

For the purpose of deciding whether a firm can use the description 'chartered accountants', if a limited company or LLP principal is entitled to use the description 'chartered accountants' in its own right, it is treated as an ICAEW member in the firm in which it is a principal.

A corporate principal may become an audit affiliate, a licensed practice affiliate, an investment business affiliate, a local public audit affiliate or a probate affiliate but not an insolvency affiliate.

Only individual insolvency licence holders can become insolvency affiliates.

Benefits of affiliate status

Affiliate members have access to all the services and support available to members.

Library resources

Free access to business and finance books, reports and research via our world-class library

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Fast, free access to leading business magazines, market research reports and over 300 eBooks online.

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Free helpsheets covering technical, practice, insolvency and ethical matters.

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Event discounts

Member rates on our extensive range of technical, social and soft skills events.


Community subscriptions

Member rates on subscriptions to our faculties and communities. Check with your HR department; your company may already have a corporate subscription.


Personalised news feed

Tailored news and updates in our monthly email, Practice Alert.

How to apply

For more information and to download the application forms, please follow the links below.

To apply, please download the form:

General affiliates

If your firm wants to use the description ‘chartered accountants’ and you are a non-member principal, you need to become a general affiliate. The only exception is if:

  • you are already an ICAEW audit, investment business (DPB) or insolvency affiliate in that same firm; or
  • a member of ICAS, CAI, CICA, SAICA, ICAZ or CA ANZ. 

You should consult the Regulations governing the use of the description ‘chartered accountants’ and general affiliates of ICAEW.