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Data Subject Access Requests – what you need to know


Published: 25 May 2022

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View the recording and accompanying factsheet from our DSAR webinar which took place on 25 May 2022 - a collaboration between ICAEW and Haddletons.

In the last few years, individuals have become more aware of data protection and privacy laws, which has led to an increase in Data Subject Access Requests. However, these requests are not straightforward to deal with due to many pitfalls and unwritten rules. Our legal experts James Haddleton, CEO, Haddletons, and Bryony Green de Barros, Trainee Solicitor, Haddletons, guide you through the essentials of managing DSARs for your firm including:

  • Who can make a DSAR
  • The scope of a DSAR
  • Compliance formalities and effective handling (including time limits and required information)
  • Restrictions and exemptions
  • Potential issues and how to avoid them