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Practice letterheads - approvals service and template resources

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Published: 21 Nov 2017 Updated: 04 Aug 2022 Update History

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Resources to help members with practice stationery.

Free approval service

Advisory Services offer a free and confidential approval service to review the practice name and letterhead and advise whether it satisfies ICAEW and other requirements.

If you would like to use this service please email your draft letterhead (and email template where applicable) to firms.admin@icaew.com

Sample letterheads and checklists

Further guidance

Further guidance on the selection of practice names and the requirements for use of descriptors, legends etc. for letterheads and other formal stationery.

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  • Update History
    01 Nov 2017 (12: 00 AM GMT)
    First published
    21 Apr 2022 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Changelog created, helpsheet converted to new template
    21 Apr 2022 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Updated the letterhead checklists for sole practitioners, partnerships, Ltd companies and LLPs. Removal of 'Ireland' and other small amendments made. Added some headings to break up the content.
    10 May 2022 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Minor changes to footers: Letterhead template (Ltd Co) – changed “Ltd” to “Limited” Letterhead template (LLP) - added "(if an LLP name ends with the abbreviation LLP, the letterhead must display that it is a limited liability partnership)"
    04 Aug 2022 (12: 00 AM BST)
    Change to contact email address. Bullet points changed to link list icons