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Cyber security industry press

The Library & Information Service provides a hand-picked collection of industry press articles on cyber security as a benefit of ICAEW membership.

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How internal audit helps increase cybersecurity transparency for the board

Article discusses how internal audit can help the board see an accurate picture of cyber risk

Best practices for safe printing

Article discusses how the humble printer is an often overlooked cyber security risk in any office, offering hackers backdoor access into the corporate network. Best practice recommendations are made.

How to get users to pay heed to security training

Article discusses how business can get their staff to take growing cyber security risks and the resulting training seriously.

Cybersecurity from within

Article discusses internal IT security threats and how these shouldn't be left to the IT department and should b addressed by an organisation's internal controls.

How can healthcare fight cyber crime?

Article reports that the healthcare organizations have come under intense pressure since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, and they are also battling a dramatic increase in cyber security incidents linked to the pandemic.

The end of Emotnet: a blow to the cyber criminals, but don't drop your guard

Article looks at the takedown of Emotet - one of the world's most active and dangerous cyber threats using malware and ransomware. Also discussed is how this may not have a long-term impact.

Digital Assets and Blockchain: Hackable, Fraudulent, or Just Misunderstood?

The authors have compiled and analysed existing research on initial coin offerings, security offerings, blockchain hacks and thefts, and data breaches of blockchain‐based platforms and digital wallets to see if the facts back up blockchain and digital asset's reputation as unhackable and fraud proof.

Why securing the DNS layer is crucial to fight cyber crime

The article discusses that the Domain name system (DNS) security is often overlooked by organizations, but focusing on this layer could improve the effectiveness of cyber security strategies.

BA breach penalty sets precedent for future effectiveness of GDPR

Article looks at the ramifications of the reduction by 90% of BAs fine for a 2018 data breach where the information on hundreds of thousands of customers was stolen.

Double extortion attacks and how to stop them

Article reports on the rise of the ransomware tactic known as 'double extortion' where the hacker not only encrypts data and demand a ransom to regain access, but also threaten to upload the data online if their terms are not met.

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