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How to review a spreadsheet: launch event

Author: Excel Community

Published: 02 Nov 2021

Join “Excel Tip of the Week” author David Lyford-Tilley and spreadsheet expert John Tennent for the launch of the Excel Community’s latest thought leadership report, “How to Review a Spreadsheet”.

This new guide will help you understand why spreadsheets need reviewing, how to plan and execute a review, and tips and tricks for speeding up rote jobs in your reviews. In this special launch event, we will discuss the genesis and key lessons of the report, link it to the Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice, and share some keyboard shortcuts and tips for easy reviewing.

First broadcast on 03 November 2021

  • Webinar recording: Unfortunately we have encountered a technical issue that is limiting our access to some on-demand recordings on the Zoom platform. We are currently working with Zoom to establish a resolution but as it stands we do not have a timeframe for this. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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