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Leveraging maths and stats in Excel for deeper data insights


Published: 22 Jun 2023

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As a finance function, we are often presented with vast quantities of data – how can we use the statistical capabilities within Excel to extract useful insights?

This webinar will showcase some of the key Excel statistics tools that can help to interpret trends and provide validity to estimations.

By using practical business examples, we will look at some of the standard features, the Analysis Toolpak Add-in, trend analysis, calendar phasing, normal distributions, and probability, showing that these capabilities can be accessible to accountants, without requiring advanced statistical know-how.

  • Discover the Analysis Toolpak add-in
  • Learn how to effectively turn data into persuasive insights using the principles of statistics.
  • Evidence your judgements by learning how to practically apply the mathematics we all learnt years ago.

This webinar will explore how to use Excel functions and features to help apply statistics to provide useful data insights. This webinar is for anyone looking to enhance their Excel analysis skills and capabilities. The webinar is aimed at general Excel users or creators of spreadsheets, per our Competency Framework, with some knowledge of Excel functions but limited exposure to its statistics functions.

First broadcast on 22 June 2023

Webinar resources

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  • PDF of slides
  • Excel workbook