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November/December 2021

In this final edition of Chartech: tech news round-up; how will the profession look in 2051; highlights from the former Tech Faculty; practice tips; accounting for the environment; Digitalisation of tax; Cybercrime week; cloud apps; smartphones; and Excel tips reflections.

Byte Size – tech news roundup
Making broadband switching easier; the ransomware threat to the UK; the launch of Windows 11; virtual meeting solutions are not up to scratch; the possibility of augmented reality replacing smartphones; and the supply-chain issues affecting shipments of PCs. Sandra Vogel reports.

IT in accounting: the next 30 years
How will accounting and its technologies look over the next three decades? David Lyford-Tilley wonders how accountants will adjust to new realities as demand for new skills grows. The profession must reshape itself to fit a world of unlimited data, new reporting requirements, social network interaction and powerful automation.

Keeping abreast of accounting tech
The Tech Faculty's Kirstin Gillon looks back on 30 years of constantly changing IT and reflects on ICAEW's proactive stance on technology issues, providing support and expertise. Accounting, auditing and tax are all affected by new technologies and, with the ICAEW's assistance, will continue to be on pace with change.

What will be the new workplace normal?
Nathan Keeley wonders whether we are indeed back to any sort of normal at this point of the pandemic, while more businesses struggle to survive. Technology has played a bigger role, but workers once happy at home are opting for the office.

Investing in the ESG agenda
The impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives is climbing in importance for global organisations. Lesley Meall examines what it will take for complex ESG reporting and disclosure to overcome hurdles, to be supported by the appropriate software and to meet diverse expectations.

A look at Digitalisation of Tax, the third iteration
David Lyford-Tilley shares a preview of 2022’s report on international tax and digital technology.

The importance of cyber security
Online threats are rising rapidly, ICAEW’s Cybercrime Week provided advice to protect organisations large and small, with a central message that cyber threats are relevant to everyone, says Kirstin Gillon.

Choosing the best cloud accounting apps for your business
Many apps are now accessible through the cloud for accountancy businesses and individual practitioners, but what makes them click? Brian Cantwell explores the right tools for the job.

A fond farewell from Simon Hurst
As the Tech Faculty changes how its services are provided to members, this will be Simon Hurst’s final Excel column, after contributing to Chartech for more than 15 years.

Are you ‘connected’ or ‘offline’?
IT writer Leo Waldock reflects on how far phone technology has come, the phone's role in our lives, the huge divide between the ‘smart’ crowd and older analogue users, and the pros and cons of ‘being connected’.
Chartech: November/December 2021

Chartech: November/December 2021

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