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Exam software

The ACA is one of the most advanced learning and professional development accountancy programmes available. We strive to provide a qualification reflective of the current workplace and constantly evaluate and update the ACA. As part of these continuous advancements, our updated exam software has been improved to ensure the ACA reflects modern accountancy practices.

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Practice exam software

If you are an ACA, Level 4 or Level 7 student, you will be allocated access to the new online practice software. The software is online and easy to access. You should use the new version instead of downloading the offline packaged software. It's best practice to clear your computer's cache and cookies before accessing the practice software, just to ensure you are using the most up to date content.

You can now access questions from the 2024 ICAEW question bank. Your username is the letter Q + your ICAEW student number eg, Q1234567. The password is qb2022.

To access mock exams, add your username – the letter M + your ICAEW student number, for example, M1234567. Please contact your tuition provider for the password (there is a separate password per mock exam). Should you not be in tuition please contact the student support team.

When opening the ICAEW Bookshelf or the data analytics software within the practice software, you will be asked to log in. In your real exam you will be logged in automatically using single sign on.

Please be aware that the online practice software will be unavailable on exam session days.

Practice Software updates for 2024 resources

The practice exam software will now save your work consistently every two minutes throughout practice exam sittings. This has been developed to mitigate the potential risk of lost work when facing internet difficulties.

If you experience any internet connectivity issues, you should:

  • Reconnect to a stable internet connection for work to be saved, this must be done before the exam system times out after two hours, and;
  • Keep your browser window open, exiting the software will stop the system from attempting to save.

Mock exams will be completed and exported on the same practice exam system already familiar to you, receiving PDF copies of your answers. Once exported and PDFs saved,  they can be manually cleared and resat as many times as required.

Functionality in the exam software

  • The ability to arrange and adjust question and response areas in a variety of layout options.
  • Spreadsheet software that reflects commonly used applications and contains standard functionality that allow you to make your calculations and adjust them if needed, just as you would in the workplace.
  • A word processor that auto adjust to the size of the response that you are writing and allows you to copy in the data from the spreadsheet as part of the report.
  • An easy-to-use question flagging system so you can easily navigate through the exam.
  • A suite of tools such as a calculator, notepad and highlighter so that you have everything you need to complete the exam and make notes as you go.
  • New options to zoom and amend the colour contrast giving you the best accessibility options yet.

Support and guidance

Exam software key features

The software has been designed specifically for ACA students and has had input from students from the start of the design. The new exam software has an intuitive user interface and includes features

  • Data analytics software

    The data analytics software allows you to analyse a company’s data so that you can demonstrate your professional skills as an auditor. This is built into the Professional Level Audit and Assurance and Advanced Level Corporate Reporting modules.

  • ICAEW bookshelf

    You can access your ICAEW bookshelf to view your learning materials digitally within the relevant open book exams.

  • Permitted texts

    You can access digital copies of relevant permitted texts, such as the tax tables within the exam, so that you can easily search for the content that you need.

  • Remote invigilation

    Sit your exam in any location with the use of remote invigilation, reducing your need to travel to an exam centre. 

Professional and Advanced Level exam software guidance

We have a series of short videos available to demonstrate different aspects of the exam software. View the videos. 

Data analytics software

ICAEW has introduced data analytics software into ACA exams, starting with the Audit and Assurance exam and Corporate Reporting.

You will need to be familiar with how the software works and its various functions. It is therefore important that you work through the relevant explanatory guidance notes, using the practice datasets that we have created. You should then attempt the practice questions.

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