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#ICAEWROAR Top Online UK Influencers: Accountancy

Our inaugural #ICAEWROAR we will be focussing specifically on individuals using social media within the realms of accountancy. The criteria for being included to our long list of influencers to be ranked would be UK based, have a Twitter handle, cover accountancy related topics as well as represent a tone of voice reflecting the ICAEW values.

  #ICAEW Top UK Online Influencer: Accountancy Twitter handle 
1  Heather Townsend  @HeatherTowns 
Rebecca Benneyworth
3 Mark Lee  @BookMarkLee  
4  Amy Taylor  @amyaccountant 
Mitch The Tax Man  @MitchTheTaxMan 
Paul Aplin  @PaulAplinOnTax 
Dennis Howlett  @dahowlett 
Heather Self  @hselftax 
Stuart Crook  @WellersSME  
10  Elaine Clark  @cheapaccounting 
11  Indy Hothi  @IndyHothi 
12  John Ashcroft  @jkaonline 
13  Alex Cobham  @alexcobham 
14  Dan Davies  @dsquareddigest 
15  Helen Brennan
16  Carl Reader
17  Nicola Duke
18  Richard Murphy
19  Fiona Hotston Moore  @hotstonmoore 
20  Stuart Jones @StuartJones 
21  Louise Brown  @BrownsAccounts 
22  John Van Reenen  @johnvanreenen
23  Stephen Parnham  @StephenParnham 
24  Duane Jackson
25  Ken Frost  @ken_frost