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Your ICAEW Scotland – see who’s up for election


Published: 13 Apr 2021

This year’s ICAEW Members in Scotland AGM takes place on 21 April. Find the agenda, papers and see who’s up for election this year.

Notice is hereby given that the following ICAEW members/provisional members in Scotland have been nominated for election to membership of the ICAEW Members in Scotland committee and have indicated their willingness to undertake the duties and responsibilities as a member or officer as appropriate.

Stylianos Kornaros
Deputy President
Veronica Clare Beck (nee Whiteside)
Secretary and Treasurer
Stephen Alan Livesey
Committee members
David Dow
Shelah Dutta
Marizah Minhat
Stephen Muncaster
Melanie Wilson
Abbie Yule
The following ICAEW members continue as member of the IMS committee:
Existing committee members who continue
Heather Lamont
James Orr
Stephen Westwood
Additional committee members
Carl Bayley (Elected ICAEW Scotland Council member)
Paul Richards (Immediate Past President)

Members may wish to note that there are four remaining spaces on the committee which may be filled by co-option during the year.

Find the agenda, papers for the meeting and register your place on the AGM event page:

April 2021