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Unfortunately we are in a very challenging economic climate in which you may find yourself at risk of redundancy. Understandably such an experience is extremely distressing, but if it does happen to you it's important to try to keep as calm and focused as possible. This will maximise your chances of completing your training and studies elsewhere.

Before you leave your current employer, make sure:

  • your practical work experience days, professional development and ethics and professional scepticism progress are up to date within your online training file, so that you have the latest records to take to your new employer; 
  • you have asked your current employer to act as a referee; and 
  • you have asked whether they can recommend you to any of their business or client contacts.

If you have almost completed your training agreement, it is worth asking your employer if they could delay your redundancy, perhaps allowing you to complete project work from home, to allow you to complete your required 450 days of practical work experience.

It may also be possible for them to help you find a secondment with another company. Advice on spending time on secondment is available from our student support team on +44 (0)1908 248 250.

Finding a new employer

Maximise your chances of finding a new employer

  • Update your CV/career resumé. Our online portal at ICAEWjobs.com has guidance on interview techniques and writing your CV. 
  • Register your CV and search for ACA training vacancies
  • Visit our careers website at ICAEWjobs.com . This website is primarily for those just starting their careers. However you will find a lot of useful information on looking for jobs, what employers are looking for and there is also interview advice and guidance. 
  • Register on our Available Student Register and be put in touch with organisations looking for part-qualified students so you can continue your ACA training. It's updated monthly, and sent to hundreds of organisations. 
  • Identify someone who will act as a personal referee. 
  • Register with a number of employment agencies. 
  • Network with employers at ICAEW events. 
  • Keep in touch with events and support available through your local student society and network.


  • To become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, one of the requirements is that you need to complete 450 days of practical work experience with an ICAEW authorised training employer (ATE).
  • If you find employment with an organisation that is not authorised, you could talk to them about becoming an ATE. This would allow you to continue your studies. The authorisation process is a free, straightforward process. Alternatively, you can talk to your existing employer to see if they would be willing to monitor the work experience you undertake in your new role. If they are prepared to do this and to continue to review your records, then you can count up to 150 days with your new employer as practical work experience days.
  • Also, a new employer may request that you complete additional practical work experience or training to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and experience you have gained to date. A training agreement at a new employer needs to be for a minimum of three months and include at least 65 days practical work experience.