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International council members can communicate with members in their region through quarterly newsletters. Below you will find all the messages sent out during their current council terms.

Messages from Q4 2023

Clare Bewsher and Mark Ellison

It has been a busy time for our Institute, the Council is undertaking the most significant governance reform in its history and this multiyear project includes professionalizing its board, reframing the role of Council and many other initiatives. This will set ICAEW up effectively to confidently progress into the future.

We also have announced a new CEO, Alan Vallance as we get ready to bid farewell, in the new year, to Michael Izza, who has led the institute for 17 years. Alan is well positioned to build upon his legacy.

Plans are underway to deliver a programme of virtual and in person events supported by our Sydney Committee and Melbourne Committee, our member groups and contact members across Australia and New Zealand and with new partnerships with Australian British Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Financial Review.

We encourage you to reach out to us if there are items affecting the future of our profession or your role where you think the ICAEW should lean in or where the ICAEW could help you to succeed. In the meantime, we wish you all the best wishes for a peaceful and restful holiday season.

Messages from Q3 2023

Clare Bewsher and Mark Ellison

Dear Members,

The last quarter saw two exclusive events for members in Australasia: an update on tax residency tests from Rebecca Benneyworth (contact the global team if you’d like a copy of the slides), and a virtual screening of ICAEW’s latest film All Too Familiar, facilitated by Ralph Martin, Partner and National Technical Director for RSM (and ICAEW contact member for Western Australia).

Social events included an EOFY networking event in Sydney and a lunch for retired members in Melbourne, we were also able to meet members in Cairns and Darwin on our travels. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to meet with us over the past few months, it’s great to see ICAEW members thriving across the region.

Hopefully, you’re already aware of the Important updates to ICAEW’s CPD policy coming into force in November this year. Do check what your requirements are and familiarise yourself with the new regulations, there is an online tool to help you understand how you are affected and work out how much CPD you will need to fulfil each year.

Clare will be travelling to Wellington in October and Hobart in November and will be hosting member events and meetings with ICAEW members while in both. Helen in the global team at ICAEW will email members based there in August. If you have recently moved to Tasmania or New Zealand, remember to update your member profile so you don’t miss out.

Messages from Q2 2023

Clare Bewsher

In February, Mark met members in Adelaide and I was in Christchurch. Would you like a member event in your area? If so, please contact me (you can find me in the LinkedIn group for ICAEW members in Australia here), or email Noah noah.pesci@icaew.com.

Mark Ellison

Have you tried to use ChatGPT yet? What does it, and other generative AI products, mean for your professional life, whether in practice or business? Head over to the ICAEW website, where you can find specialised help on this and thousands of other topics, in the pages which have now been made available free to members.

Messages from Q1 2023

Mark Ellison

Clare and I are actively preparing our visits to members around Australasia for this year. The first will be in Adelaide on Wednesday 15 February, with others to Cairns, Darwin and Wellington in the planning stages. As members of the Institute Council, a key part of our role is understand our members' needs and preoccupations, and the best way to do this is in person.  If you live in an area which doesn't have regular in person events, but would like an opportunity to network with fellow members and catch up with what's happening at the Institute -  please do let us know

Clare Bewsher

Are you getting event invitations? F2F events are restarting around Australasia, providing valuable networking opportunities. Can you help? Local member groups are always looking for new committee members to bring fresh ideas for events. Or you could join a London-based committee and help bring diversity and an international perspective. There are so many ways to give back and help shape ICAEW. 

To learn more:

Messages from Q4 2022

Clare Bewsher

I'm delighted to share that enhanced membership has arrived. You now have access to the content of the Audit and Assurance Faculty, Financial Reporting Faculty, Tax Faculty, and all the ICAEW Communities, at no additional cost. This is part of a wider initiative to support members with their lifelong learning. To access the content you will need to be logged in to our website, and then the faculty content can be found via the Resources tab. Or, even better...

Join these faculties and communities without charge to receive communications and to access CPD tailored to your needs and interests. To join, go to the Communities tab on icaew.com and then pick ‘Join a Faculty’ or ‘Discover a Community’. It's a very simple process with no charge. I encourage you to make the most of your membership and explore all the expert content now available.

Your membership fee is due as usual on 1 January. If you are struggling, you can find out about reduced fees on our website and CABA can also help.

Mark Ellison

As travel becomes easier, Clare and I intend to start visiting local groups around Australasia in the new year. We are finalising the dates, and hope to see as many members as possible face to face in 2023. Members will be advised of the dates once confirmed.

Messages from Q3 2022

Clare Bewsher

After extensive consultation, CPD changes are in the pipeline. Some members may not welcome this. Your Council members have encouraged ICAEW to make the new requirements as simple as possible for those based overseas and to ensure more relevant material is freely available to members so that no one will have to pay to meet the new CPD requirements. In addition, most of the communities and faculties will soon be included in your member subscription, creating added value for many. More on this soon.

Mark Ellison

You probably know that caba is the occupational charity helping the ICAEW community thrive, from everyday situations to exceptional life-changing circumstances. However, caba services are also available to children of ICAEW members, up to the age of 25. Whether they are looking for a job, feeling the stress post-lockdown, or just not sleeping enough, caba is there to help. They have already assisted dozens of ICAEW members and their families in Australia; to contact them go to www.caba.org.uk.

Messages from Q2 2022

Clare Bewsher

June at ICAEW brings our AGM and fresh faces. The ICAEW AGM was your chance to vote on fee increases, hear a review of the year or quiz our CEO. We welcomed a new President, Julia Penny. In Australia, face to face member events have restarted. Come join our friendly and knowledgeable local networking groups. Find upcoming events at no cost to members here.

Mark Ellison

One of the roles of the Australasian representatives on Council is to take up issues of local members with the Institute – a bit like a Member of Parliament. I’ve already had a couple of members reach out to me, and although, like an MP, our powers are limited, we can get to the right people in the Institute to ensure that your voice is heard. So, whether it’s a complaint gone unanswered, or a difficulty in getting information, or anything else, do get in touch with us – you can find our contact details here.


Messages from Q1 2022

Clare Bewsher

Have you paid your annual subscription? Did you think 'What do I get for this, living in Australia?' Did you know that your ICAEW membership gives you almost everything that a CA ANZ membership would, under the GAA passport?

Mark Ellison

Over the last few months, Clare and I have been reaching out to local ICAEW representatives throughout Australasia. We’ve received some fantastic feedback about what members are looking for, and how ICAEW can help you – look out for some news in the coming year.

Messages from Q3 2021

Clare Bewsher

I am delighted to commit to another term on ICAEW Council, representing members in NSW and ACT.

Please get in touch if you haven't already, and ensure you share your unique perspective with newly qualified ACAs, as they join the global community of ICAEW members.

Mark Ellison

I am excited about beginning my term representing members in Australasia (outside of NSW & ACT), and look forward to connecting with members across the region.

Make sure you share your advice with new members as they're welcomed to the global community of ICAEW members.

ICAEW council

Meet your ICAEW team

Australasia also has a network of contact members, who are points of contact for members' enquiries on living and working in Australasia.

Helen Windget
Helen Windget Member Engagement Manager, ICAEW

Helen is the ICAEW Member Engagement Manager for Australasia and North America and is ICAEW's main point of contact for members who are based in North America or Australasia.

Clare Bewsher, ICAEW council member
Clare Bewsher FCA ICAEW Council Member for Australasia (NSW & ACT)

Clare trained with Smith & Williamson before joining PwC's International Corporate Tax team. She is self-employed, enjoying a mix of contracting and tax consultancy. In June 2013, Clare was elected as ICAEW's first Council Member for Oceania.

Mark Ellison
Mark Ellison FCA ICAEW Council Member for Australasia (excl NSW & ACT)

Mark moved to Melbourne in 2017 as a Senior Advisor with Hindal Corporate. Mark was elected as ICAEW Council Member for Australasia (excl NSW & ACT) in June 2021.