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CEO and President's insights

View an archive of blogs from ICAEW CEO, Michael Izza, and from past ICAEW presidents.

CEO insights

The CFO’s strategic role has never been more important

ICAEW Insights 15-06-2021

As many businesses begin their recovery from the pandemic, Michael Izza emphasises the fundamental role CFOs will play in driving strategic renewal and reflects on our Business and Management Faculty’s latest research.

Economic crime: have the courage to call it out

ICAEW Insights 30-03-2021

Chartered accountants are trusted professionals and should have zero tolerance of fraud, money laundering or any type of economic crime, writes Michael Izza, ICAEW CEO.

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President insights

At a crossroads: recovery and infrastructure


24 February 2021: Economies across the world are at a crossroads. ICAEW President David Matthews outlines the scale of the challenges we now face and comments on the investment that will support recovery and change.

ICAEW President issues Council Member call


30 October 2020: With nominations for ICAEW Council elections opening on 12 November 2020, President David Matthews has called on chartered accountants to bring their real-life experiences to the table.

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