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Knowledge bank: a framework for sharing regulatory excellence

13 March 2020: Samir Jamal shares his grasp of the complex nuances of the regulatory rules needed to help keep the global banking system from unravelling.

Ever since the global banking crisis of 2008 that led to the loss of one million UK jobs and the public bailout of several privately held High Street banks, moves have been made to ramp up the resilience of the financial system.

Part of that more sober approach has been the enhancement of the capital adequacy and liquidity resilience rules, as well as the introduction to stress testing and resolution planning through Basel III, the global regulatory framework.

And these regulatory changes have consistently captured the imagination of Samir Jamal, a qualified Chartered Accountant whose 15 years in financial services has seen him straddle the environs of major global banks, regulatory bodies and consultancies.

A regulatory framework is in fact the unifying element of a diverse career that began at Deloitte soon after graduating from Manchester University with a degree in accountancy and finance. 
He has also worked for the Bank of England in various roles including supervision, policy and stress testing. And in all that time, Jamal has accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge.

His mastery of regulatory specialisms such as credit risk management, model valuation, capital liquidity, treasury and second-line risk, now sees him much in demand to impart this knowledge to new generations through ICAEW’s Academy.

And it is to the good fortune of those hungry minds that Jamal’s more pedagogical side sees him leading a trio of Academy banking modules.

“I love breaking down complex financial phenomenon and processes into simple and articulate language so that it can be understood by everyone,” he says.

Such a sentiment and approach are a clear asset when it comes to sharing his knowledge of the banking sector’s capital framework and regulatory requirements, along with units on the latest developments in Basel III and CRD IV.

Much of that knowledge was gleaned from his time in the industry, where he managed large teams at global, systematically important, banks. He has been responsible for leading teams for implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Framework, carry out independent model validation, wholesale and retail credit risk assurance validation, liquidity and capital assessments as well as the implementation of IFRS9.

Jamal is a regular speaker at industry events and provides consulting services to banks on regulatory assessments. He is also part of the examination team at ICAEW.