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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for January 2020

All the latest news about ICAEW and the accountancy profession.

Brexit resilience testing: LEPs need your skills

31 January 2020: Brexit resilience testing, risk analysis and audit – sound familiar? These skills, second nature to accountants, are at the heart of Local Enterprise Partnerships’ (LEPs’) endeavours to support business. Jo Murray speaks to Mark Bretton, Chair of the LEP Network and Hertfordshire LEP.

Supercharge your networking – more than swapping business cards

30 January 2020: we are often told about the importance of networking; it’s all about who you know, right? In the digital age with the ease of a LinkedIn request, how do you build those relationships? Rachel Underhill, ICAEW’s Business Strategy Manager, has some answers.

Many paths to the profession: Matthew’s school-leaver story

30 January 2020: Matthew Braybrook has worked in audit for EY since joining on the firm’s school-leaver programme. He tells us about his route into accountancy, gaining on-the-job experience and why there is no right or wrong path into the profession.

Three key lessons in regional SME funding

30 January 2020: the success of the SME sector is fundamental to the economy, and ease of access to funding for growth is key to driving that success. Jon Scopes, a strategy consultant in the SME sector and ICAEW member, lists the three key lessons SMEs should learn to gain access to finance.

What can businesses learn from top sports teams?

29 January 2020: we talk to Sue Day, Chief Financial Officer at the Rugby Football Union and former England women’s rugby team captain, about what businesses can learn from sports teams, as well as her sporting and professional achievements.

Can job sharing work for accountants?

27 January 2020: splitting a single role between two employees can have many benefits for employers, including a broader skills base and the ability to use flexible talent - but how can staff be sure job shares work for them?

How mobile apps are revolutionising service industries

23 January 2020: from food delivery and fitness to farming and travel, apps are changing the way businesses work. With the trend set to continue, accountancy firms could be next in line for an app. Be inspired by five of the best service apps on the market.

Not scared to snitch: whistleblowing advice for accountants

How does a safe whistleblowing culture benefit accounting firms? Elizabeth Richards, Head of Corporate Governance at ICAEW, examines the circumstances in which accountants might need to blow the whistle and the legal protections they receive.

How innovative firms are reshaping business structures

21 January 2020: the death of middle management, flatter hierarchies, egalitarian ideals: business structures are rapidly changing. Where does that leave the Big Four? We take a look at the firms shaking things up with innovative restructuring.

Eight top tips for wellbeing in the workplace

20 January 2020: we spend the majority of our time at work, so our wellbeing in the workplace should be of paramount importance. Sarah Dale, former PwC chartered accountant and now chartered occupational psychologist and founder of Creating Focus, shares her tips.

Have you got what it takes to become a partner?

It’s often the career goal of young accountants, but becoming a partner isn’t for everyone. Do you think you’d make the cut? And do you really want the job anyway? We talk to the accountants who’ve been through it to find out.

Michael Izza looks ahead to Davos

Ahead of his visit to the World Economic Forum, ICAEW’s Chief Executive previews the manifesto and some of this year’s big initiatives.

How 5AMLD will affect accountancy firms

14 January 2020: discover four ways the new Anti-Money-Laundering Directive will affect accountancy firms with ICAEW’s integrity and law manager, Sophie Wales.

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