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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for June 2020

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How the NAO is dealing with COVID-19

30 June 2020: Kate Mathers, an executive director of the National Audit Office, talks to Maria Byrnes from ICAEW about the impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on the National Audit Office and how it has shaped their work.

The four skills remote managers should focus on

10 June: Coronavirus has highlighted the challenge of managing individuals and teams that cannot meet face-to-face. Leadership coach Oliver Deacon argues that to succeed managers need to dedicate more time on communication, context, clarity and culture.

Is a communication strategy necessary for remote working?

17 June: For a virtual team to run effectively everyone has to know when to communicate and what tools they should be using. Oliver Deacon argues that not only is a communication strategy vital, but that it is crucial that managers lead by example.

Can COVID change supply chain management in construction?

8 June: With many construction clients in the dark about the impact of coronavirus on their suppliers, the pandemic may be the catalyst for a more intelligence-led approach to supply chains, spreading risk and cost more equitably.