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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for June 2020

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Procurement: a tool for social good

6 August: The City of Vancouver is aiming to have 50% of its service contracts with ethical or diverse suppliers by 2023. Alexander Ralph and Kim Buksa from the city’s Supply Chain Management department tell us how they’re going about it.

Fundraising? Don’t delay preparations

24 July 2020: Holly Stiles is a Corporate Finance Partner at Grant Thornton Australia. She says companies planning to raise funds post-COVID should prepare well and do so quickly.

Big tech and the move to net zero carbon

24 July 2020: The world’s largest technology companies are making big moves to reduce their carbon emissions. ICAEW Tech Faculty’s Kirstin Gillon reviews the latest announcements and asks what other businesses can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Work and families: let’s combine them better

24 July 2020: COVID has caused us to question many priorities, conventions and perceptions. As lockdowns ease, we find ourselves asking how much we want to return to pre-COVID lifestyles.

Policy: taking intergenerational fairness into account

23 July 2020: Policymakers are increasingly seeing the need to incorporate future generations into their decision making. Ellen Shepherd tells us about the framework her team is designing to systematise that process.

Financial guarantees: potential debt straight-jacket in the making?

23 July 2020: There is growing concern that additional debt taken on by businesses during the lockdown period could dampen the economic recovery as companies service their debt rather than invest to expand. Henning Diederichs​ from ICAEW’s Public Sector team reports.

COVID 19: interim reporting and the auditor’s role

Interim reporting by listed companies will be of particular interest in 2020 to a range of stakeholders, including investors and other users of company accounts who want to understand the impact of COVID-19 on business performance and prospects. This guide developed by ICAEW’s Audit and Assurance Faculty is designed to help users to better understand the role of auditors in relation to such interim reports.

Employers reminded not to overlook obligations by HMRC

30 June: HMRC’s latest employer bulletin contains several reminders to stop firms falling behind with standard obligations during the coronavirus pandemic, such as suffixing “2013” to the reference when paying 2019/20 Class 1A NIC.

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